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At EcofIT, our mission is to create affordable, cost-effective, quality products that increase the productivity and efficiency of the IT division. The use of EcofIT products help streamline many of the associated (and often mundane) tasks required during a project life cycle, whether it be in management or development, to free up valuable time and resources in order that these resources can be focused on the task at hand.


Quotes about ChangefITTM

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use it.” 
European Group IT Director, The Netherlands.

“Very impressive and professional.” 
IT Manager, Germany.

"The use of ChangefIT raises the IT Departments' chances of meeting compliancy requirements."  IT Auditor, Germany

"ChangefIT helps us enormously"
IT Manager, Germany.

Quick News:

28 May 18: DeskfIT v2.02 released read more>>
28 May 18: XrefIT v1.31 released read more>>
19 Feb 18: ChangefIT v3.10 released read more>>
24 Jul 17: XrefIT v1.30 released read more>>
03 Apr 17: ChangefIT v3.01 released read more>>