DeskfIT v1.14
What’s New in DeskfIT v1.14
(release date: 24 March 2014)
  1. BugFix: Project Title blank on Project creation.
    This is corrected. PTF automatically included in this release.
  2. Upgrade: SRQ Enquiry - Facility to choose the type of date to select from (requested, approved, status changed, etc.).
  3. New: User Dashboard.
    A window depicting a summary of the user's active status SRQ's is presented upon entry to the DeskfIT menu. This can also be accessed using "F2=Dashboard" function key.
  4. New: Management Statistics.
    A new enquiry has been created depicting statistics for logged and resolved SRQ's for a requested month, requested month - 1, requested month's year, requested month's year - 1. In addition, the enquiry can be grouped by and optionally filtered by User, Request Type, System Type.