ChangefIT v2.33

The wiki has been updated for ChangefIT v2.33 and the software is now available from the Download Area.

What’s New in v2.33
(released 02 January 2012)

1. Upgrade: Revamp auto email system

2. BugFix: Adding Task text from Task Maintenance incorrectly adds text to the last Task number of the Project

3. Upgrade: Add F21=Text functionality to Task promotion procedure

4. BugFix: Project Enquiry abends when using the USER filter

5. New: Facility to display the software key information of EcofIT installed products

6. New: Facility to cancel queued Task promotions from the JOBQ

7. New: Facility to display the job details of the job that executed the promotion

8. Upgrade: Reduce the EcofIT software footprint

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