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EcofIT Suite - Rented


Do you have a large or complex project and need a complete solution just for a limited time? 
Use this option to rent the current version of all EcofIT products - ChangefIT Change Management, DeskfIT Service Desk, and XrefIT Cross-Reference systems.

Full support is included in that you may download any new releases and/or PTFs.


Notes on Ordering:
Minimum rental period is 6 months. 

EcofIT Suite


With the purchase of this bundle you will receive all three EcofIT products, DeskfIT, ChangefIT, and XrefIT, we will then provide you with a Maintenance Plan for each product - free of charge for one year. This entitles you to upgrades and support (including HA support) for the period of the Maintenance Plan.

Purchasing this option is a saving of more than €1800 over purchasing all products with a Maintenance Plan individually.

VAT is only payable in Germany. VAT and other taxes and/or duties may be due in your country or state.