Discounts will apply when ordering for more than one machine or partition.

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XrefIT v1.31


Use this option to order the latest version of XrefIT Cross Reference System. 

To order a 60-day trail, please check the appropriate box on the right. You will initially see the full purchase price which will be discounted upon checkout.

Notes on Ordering:
VAT is only payable in Germany. VAT and other taxes and/or duties may be due in your country or state.

XrefIT - Maintenance Plan


Use this option to order the Maintenance Plan for XrefIT Cross Reference System. 

The Maintenance Plan can be obtained only with a purchased version of  XrefIT. The Maintenance Plan entitles you to receive upgrades to, and support for, XrefIT for one year. The fee is payable regardless if there is an upgrade release or not. With purchasing this plan, you are assured of receiving support as your version is always current. 

If you have a High Availability (HA) machine and do regular "role-swap" (or disaster recovery) tests, you can select the HA Support option on the right, We will then provide you with a 30-day software key for each test.

When choosing the Auto-Reminder option, your Maintenance Plan will be automatically renewed timeously to ensure that no disruption of service will occur. Naturally, you can choose to discontinue this Plan at any time before you make the payment.  

Please refer to the Software Licence for more information.

XrefIT v1.23 (free version)


Use this option to order your free copy of XrefIT v1.23. Please note that while we will provide you with support and advice regarding setup, administration, and tips etc., no programming support is available for this version.

Notes on Ordering:

  • The free version is limited to one software key per company for use on one machine only.
  • Version related PTFs may be applied.
  • Upgrades from an earlier free version is not available, i.e. a licensed version must be purchased.  
  • The issuance of a new software key in the case of a hardware upgrade is not provided for.
  • VAT and other taxes and/or duties may be due in your country or state.