ChangefIT v2.31

The English wiki has been updated for ChangefIT v2.31 software is now available from the Download Area.

What’s New in v2.31
(released 12 February 2011)

  • New: Internet Wiki created
  • New: F1=Help now uses launches web browser and accesses wiki instead of PDF document
  • Upgrade: Strengthened the parameter maintenance validation
  • New: ChangefIT is now AS/SET ready
  • New: New field Project next review date added to Project maintenance and enquiry
  • Upgrade (User Request): Increase Project Title to 75 chars
  • Upgrade (User Request): Include Project Type in the project enquiry filter and sort parameters
  • Upgrade (User Request): Include Estimated Project Duration in the project enquiry listing panel
  • Upgrade: Convert remaining screens to use constants MSGF
  • Upgrade: Change programs that do not need all the fields (eg. searches) to use SQL and not native reads
  • Upgrade: Audit logs now done with triggers
  • Upgrade: User Language code no longer required
  • Upgrade: Strengthened software key and add in more functionality