31 October 2010




Kulmbach, Germany – 01 November 2010. In a press statement released today, Mr. Kit von Blerk of ECOFIT announced the initial release of EcofIT's new software offering, DeskfIT v1.1, a Service Desk System running on IBM i.

Von Blerk stated, "The DeskfIT Service Desk System came into being after we had received a number of requests from IT users of the ChangefITTM Change Management System (CMS). IT users of ChangefIT wanted their own users to be able to add, maintain, and track their own service requests. To bring this product to life is exciting because it is such a good fit to, and really complements, our existing two products, ChangefIT and XrefIT."


"While this initial offering of DeskfIT is 5250 'green-screen', it is planned, (except in the case of a maintenance release), that future versions will be solely web-facing. Work on the next release will only commence once we receive and assimilate the feedback from users of this initial version", continued von Blerk. "We feel that we have created a tool for use by users and IT Staff alike that will help to increase service efficiency, and thereby productivity, of the IT department".


DeskfIT has been written using RPG, CL, and SQL on the IBM i. The complete DeskfIT software was compiled and promoted to the delivery libraries using the ChangefIT CMS.


"And the best of all" added von Blerk, "like all our other products, DeskfIT is free".



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