ChangefIT v2.30
The English manual and the ChangefIT v2.30 software is now available from the Download Area.

What’s New in v2.30
(Released: 31 October 2010)

  • Upgrade: F13=Durations function key displayed in reverse image if durations have been entered for the Project or Task in maintenance and enquiry panels
  • Upgrade: Current file and library no longer populated on check-out of a new source member
  • New: Introduced Factoring Matrix into parameter file usage
  • Upgrade: Improved parameter file maintenance functionality
  • Upgrade: Durations entry now optional per Project
  • New: Facility to change job library list using the Library List Codes
  • BugFix: In the Task enquiry, the F21=Text will be reverse image if any text exists
  • BugFix: F1=Help text works once only.
  • BugFix: Project enquiry abends if sort by Date Required selected
  • New: DeskfIT v1.10 integration
  • Upgrade: Return Indicator parameter now used for bespoke compilation programs
  • BugFix: New Text can be entered when no text found (from text enquiry)