DeskfIT is a Service Desk/Ticket System software suite built to complement ChangefIT from the non-IT user point of view. Users can create and track progress of their service request(s) real-time. While the v1.10 User Interface (UI) is limited to 5250 green-screen enabled, it is planned that future releases will be web-facing. This will allow user to access DeskfIT via an Intranet using their browser.

In 2010, due to numerous requests from our users, we created DeskfIT a user Service Desk front-end to ChangefIT which we released in November 2010. DeskfIT enables users to add and maintain requests, as well as monitor their service requests from their own work environment. 

If you would like more information about DeskfIT, access to our DeskfIT wiki is available 24/7. Registration is required at our support portal.