ChangefIT v2.25
Released 09 August 2009.
  • BugFix: Status field overlapped on German Task Enquiry Panel
  • New: XREF  command delivered free with ChangefITTM
  • New: QRYDFN object type support enabled
  • Upgrade: Supported object types may be checked-out and checked-in from PDM using the same QUAOOPT script (supplied) as for source members.
  • Upgrade: Tasks not yet Signed-Off (even if re-checked out), may not be cancelled once promoted to Live
  • Upgrade: Renamed the EcofIT RUNSQL command to ECORUNSQL to avoid conflict with 3rd party products
  • Upgrade: ECORUNSQL command now accepts 1500 character parameter length
  • Upgrade: Renamed the EcofIT DLTOBJ command to ECODLTOBJ to avoid conflict with 3rd party products