ChangefIT v2.20
Released 07 December 2008.
  • Enable Infor PRMS support - library list import
  • Enable Infor PRMS support - compile options
  • “Fast Path” compile options no longer used (mainly used for Infor System21)
  • Compile options are now created “on-the-fly” (last used parameters are retrieved as default)
  • Compile parameters can now be prompted and altered before compilation
  • Compile parameters fully validated before compilation
  • COBOL (CBLLE, CBL, CBL38) compiler support enabled (*PGM, *MODULE, or SQL object creation)
  • C++ (CPP, SQLCPP) compiler support enabled (*PGM, *MODULE, or SQL object creation)
  • Improved ChangefITTM intuitivity on CHGPF/CRTPF usage  
  • Display Environment name and project description on task promotion and on enquiry panels
  • Display source member or object text on task promotion and enquiry panels
  • Redesigned menu system (for future development)
  • Redesigned error reporting (for future development)
  • Redesigned search programs (for future development)
  • Improved Project and Task enquiry functionality and panels
  • Removed LDA usage