At EcofIT, we believe in transparency and straight-talk, which is why we are one of the few IBM i software vendors that are willing to tell you the price up-front.


ChangefITTM is priced per serial number:

  • regardless of the number of users
  • regardless of the processor

As of release of DeskfIT v1.12, ChangefIT v2.32, XrefIT v1.24, each product will be chargeable and will no longer be free. The current versions as at 31 March 2011 (DeskfIT v1.11, ChangefIT v2.31, XrefIT v1.23) will remain free, but no programming support will be provided once superseded.


The good news though, is that customers that have a current Upgrade Facility (now discontinued) for a specific product will not have to purchase that product. In addition, customers that have a current Upgrade Facility for a specific product as at 01 April 2011 may convert immediately to a maintenance plan for that product. This will result in a 70% reduction in annual costs.


Purchase Plan

This plan allows the customer to purchase a permanent license for one of the EcofIT products. There is no provision on this plan to upgrade the product but will be able to download PTF's for the purchased version while the purchased version is current.

Maintenance Plan  

Optionally, a Maintenance Plan may be purchased to allow for quality support and the seamless application of any upgrades and PTF's to the product as they are released. The Maintenance Plan is payable in advance for a period of one year. This Plan may be cancelled before renewal is due. Refer to the Software Licence for more details.


Please refer to the orders page for the current prices.