ChangefIT is a Change Management Systems (CMS) running on IBM i. 

The earlier versions of the ChangefIT software were originally written in the early 1990's as an in-house Change Management Tool. What has always been good practice before, became more of a requirement after the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOx) act of 2002, which highlighted the need for change management systems (CMS) as a part of the development life-cycle.  After searching in vain for a suitable, simple to use and affordable CMS in late 2006, we decided to resurrect ChangefIT, which had lain dormant through the years as the company changed hands.  In early 2007 we started on an ambitious 2-year project to create a CMS that met our high standards. Our goal was to produce a product that would:

  • Meet compliance needs
  • Be simple to use for developers and managers
  • Increase productivity (and shatter the myth that compliance necessitates being less productive)
  • Remain affordable

After a complete re-design and re-development, this culminated in the release of ChangefIT v2.10 and only in October 2008 did we feel that we were ready to publish information about ChangefIT.


If you would like more information about ChangefIT, access to our ChangefIT wiki is available 24/7. Registration is required at our support portal.