DeskfIT v2.00
What’s New in v2.00
(release date: 01 November 2016)

New: Users or email addresses can be added or deleted to a ticket/SRQ as required.

New: All relevant active tickets/SRQs for a user to be displayed immediately upon entry to SRQ maintenance program. Service Desk/IT personnel will have all tickets/SRQs presented. No need to press F4=Search (although still available).

Upgrade: Database and CCSID changes. Cosmetic and terminology changes.

New: Actions (eg. add/view notes/text, cancel, approve, sign-off) can be selected from the initial screen to ticket/SRQ maintenance program. No need to enter the amend panel of the ticket/SRQ and then press F10=Actions.

Upgrade: (User request) Added 2 optional ticket/SRQ System sub-type fields. The sub-types can be added or removed as and when required using the parameter maintenance function.

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