ChangefIT v2.46
The wiki has been updated for ChangefIT v2.46 and the software is available from the Download Area.
What’s New in v2.46
(release date 01 December 2015)

  1. Upgrade: Limit results on team search on Project maintenance.
    The returned result set will only reflect teams from the Project environment.
  2. New: Facilitate more efficient retrieval of task if multiple active tasks for the same source member exist.
    The specific project will now be returned if the CO/CI option is used from PDM and the library is the same library where the source member currently resides. If the CO/CI option is used from a different library, the first Task found will be returned.
  3. Upgrade: Limit results on library list search on check-in/promotion.
    The returned result set will only reflect library lists from the Project environment.
  4. Upgrade: A Team may be assigned to pending Projects.
    This will enable team members to receive text emails even while the project is not yet active. By default, the team will be prompted if left blank.