ChangefIT v2.45
The wiki has been updated for ChangefIT v2.45 and the software is available from the Download Area.
What’s New in v2.45
(release date 26 October 2015)
  1. Upgrade: Facility to re-instate a deleted user.
    User request.
  2. Upgrade: The Task date required should default to the earlier of the Project required by or review dates.
    User request.
  3. Upgrade:  Cater for Infor System 21 Aurora v3 library list import.
  4. New:  Cater for "Phantom" Projects. This will allow projects/tasks with no action (eg. Milestones, non-IBM i actions) to be entered.
  5. Upgrade: Allow more Environments on search.
  6. BugFix: Source library left blank if the developers default library does not match where the source is being compiled from.
  7. Upgrade:  Minor cosmetic corrections (F-key display field lengths, Added F1=Help, etc.)

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