ChangefIT v2.43
The wiki has been updated for ChangefIT v2.43 and the software available from the Download Area.

What’s New in v2.43
(release date 15 September 2014)

1. Upgrade: Include the currently installed version on the license information inquiry.
The license information inquiry will now display the license version as well as the installed software version.

2. New: User Dashboard.
​The User Dashboard is displayed on the ChangefIT menu and will provide a summary of active Projects and Tasks for the user. This window will not be displayed if the user has no active Projects or Tasks.

3. New: Management Statistics
A new enquiry has been created depicting statistics for logged as well as resolved Projects for a requested month, requested month - 1, requested month's year, and requested month's year - 1. In addition, the inquiry can be grouped by and optionally filtered by User, Project Type, and Assigned Team.

4. Upgrade: Cosmetic and German translation modifications.


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